The treatment of wrist pathologies has been revolutionized by the advent and development of wrist arthroscopy.

Since then, many indications have been modified and others continue to be developed every day. Although not part of the surgical philosophy of some centers, wrist arthroscopy remains an indispensable tool for any modern wrist surgeons, regardless of where they practice. The objective of the seniors is now to pass on their experience to younger students who are curious to learn new techniques.


Numerous courses on cadavers are organized each year by different scientific societies with a predominance of courses organized by the IRCAD-IWC throughout the world, in close partnership with IWAS (EWAS) and APWA. However, although being the most efficient way to learn arthroscopy, these courses on cadavers are still geographically complicated for many students.


Since March 2020, virtual training, e-learning, and other means of online training are breaking records and seem to be a new and very satisfactory learning solution. It is therefore necessary to encourage teaching of wrist arthroscopy and to allow anyone to train anytime and anywhere at a lower cost. This is why IRCAD-IWC, in partnership with IWAS and APWA are offering a completely free online educational program:


The Wrist Basecamp. In this new methodological tool, a large number of surgical techniques are grouped by theme, as well as lectures by experts concerning wrist problems. Tests and examinations validate continuing professional development at the European level (“CME point”).


With the aim of training anyone interested and free of charge, this platform will represent a network for sharing experience and a new technique in our educational arsenal.

My dear friends,

I have the great pleasure to inform you that the UEMS of Brussels has just accredited the 4 e-learning modules in WRIST ARTHROSCOPY BASECAMP ( that we have prepared together, for a total of 4 ECMEC credits (1 per module) :

Bone and trauma - 1 ECMEC


Ligaments and lymph nodes - 1 ECMEC

Basics of Arthroscopic Anatomy - 1 ECMEC

It is once again thanks to the work of all that we have obtained this recognition by the official authorities.

A new milestone for our young IRCAD-IWC group