This significant and unique group was made possible through a signed special agreement between IWC ( ), which is represented by Professor Christophe Mathoulin, and IRCAD ( ), which is represented by Professor Jacques Marescaux.
IRCAD-IWC works in close partnership with IWAS ( ), APWA ( ), and WebSurg ( ).
In addition, the IRCAD-IWC Group is supported by the French Academy of Surgery, the oldest and most prestigious European Surgical Scientific Society created in 1731 by the surgeons of King Louis XV.( )


Never before has such a high caliber and talented team of surgeons and teachers been brought together. This group is made up of only the directors and supervisors of existing and future IRCAD-IWC courses.  This organization is founded on our deep and mutual friendship, in addition to a set of principles we all share: to remain humble, to maintain our standard of excellence, to always maximize time for fun and comradery, and to identify and mentor our future directors.

IRCAD-IWC organizes the teaching of wrist arthroscopy, upper limb ultrasound-guided surgery, and elbow arthroscopy in prestigious IRCAD centers all around the world.

Prof. Christophe MATHOULIN
Andorra, Bonifacio, Brussels, Lausanne, Paris
The Future is On !
President-Founder of IRCAD-IWC (France, Taiwan, Brazil, China, Rwanda, USA, India, UAE)
Honorary Lifetime President of IWAS
Honorary member of French Academy of Surgery,