Dr. Ahlam ARNAOUT is a consultant orthopedic surgeon. She specializes in the assessment and treatment of all wrist and hand disorders. She has been an active member of the prestigious Institut de la Main of Paris since 2017 and joined the International Wrist Centers project in 2020.She is member of the French Hand and orthopedics societies. At the Institut de la Main- International Wrist Centers in Paris, she is currently involved in research, training hand surgeon fellows, participating in national and international meetings, and is part of the regular faculty in the IRCAD-IWC wrist arthroscopy courses.

Dr. Arnaout obtained her medical degree at Cochin Port-Royal Paris V, trained at the University of Lille, France, where she completed her surgical internship and residency in orthopedics. She received specialization training in Hand Surgery at the Hand and Upper Limb Surgery Unit of Professor Fontaine and at the SOS-hand in Lille-Lesquin.

She worked for 6 years in a public hospital as a senior consultant in orthopedic and upper limb surgery at the orthopedic and trauma center unit.

Dr. Arnaout further specialized in wrist arthroscopy at the Institut de la Main of Paris, where she completed her hand fellowship under Professor Christophe Mathoulin.

In 2022, Dr Arnaout created and launched the Wrist Journal Club, a non-profit association, whose aim is to promote and work on Evidence Based Practice in wrist surgery and wrist arthroscopy. More than 30 international reviewers are involved in this project.

Dr Arnaout declares no potential conflict of interest.